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Esico-Triton Production Proven Since 1928We Are ESICO•TRITON

ESICO•TRITON INTERNATIONAL has been manufacturing quality production proven soldering equipment since 1928. From the beginning, ETI has focused on engineering, manufacturing, and distributing soldering irons, tips, and solder pots of the highest standard. In 1987, Triton (manufacturer of the widely known PTH resistance soldering tool) was added to the company. In 1994 the Ideal line of resistance soldering tools joined the company, broadening the line of resistance tools offered. At ESICO•TRITON INTERNATIONAL, we pride ourselves on our quality manufacturing, customer service, and commitment to offering manufacturers and technicians the broadest range of soldering equipment. In addition, ETI understands the challenge of increasing complexity of products as technology advances, and how to "keep it simple" by manufacturing well-designed, rugged, easy-to-maintain tools. These are reasons why we believe our products prove overall to be the best in the industry and will be in the future.

Esico-Triton Production Proven Since 1928Esico-Triton Production Proven Since 1928
Esico-Triton Production Proven Since 1928Production Proven Since 1928

All ESICO•TRITON soldering irons are designed to provide dependable service on busy production lines, in factory technical departments, in the shops of skilled artisans, and in the hands of serious hobbyists. Built around the ESICO mica-wound element, each iron is engineered for quick heat production, transfer, and recovery. Stainless steel stems assure cooler handles. Our VITACOTE® solder tips are precision machined from tellurium copper to assure rapid maximum heat transfer, electro-plated with iron and nickel-chrome for longest tip-life against flux and high-temperature oxide corrosion. In addition, all soldering irons are available with 3-conductor or 2-conductor cordsets and are resistant to oil, heat, and abrasion. All irons are manufactured with heating elements and components that are easily replaceable.

Standard irons operate on 120V AC and DC. They are also available in 240V or other voltages. Wattage other than those listed can be supplied. Inquire at your local distributor or via email at

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