Soldering Irons

Light, Mid, and Heavy-Duty Soldering Irons from ETI.

All standard Esico•Triton irons are supplied with 3-conductor cordsets. 2-conductor cordsets are available.

Light, Mid, and Heavy-Duty Soldering Irons from ETI

Irons series (top-bottom): 9000, 4000, 6000, and 8000/2900

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Soldering Irons [Industrial Offset]

Take advantage in production with the Esico•Triton Industrial Offset Irons "H" Series.
Offset Irons H Series

Our "H" Series irons allow you to reach the tight spots you can't get to with the traditional straight-iron. More frequently, these soldering irons provide users with a comfortable hand position instead of the awkwardness one might find in using a traditional straight-iron. These irons also provide relief in the production process while proving to increase productivity and accurate applications. In addition, this iron can help reduce muscle and nerve medical problems usually associated with long, repeat production applications.

Offset Irons H Series

Irons series (left-right): 4000H, 6000H, and 9000H

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E100K and E200K Butane Tool Kits.

Perfect for use in soldering, brazing, plastic-welding, shrink tubing, and other applications where weight and portability are important considerations.

E100K, E200K

The E100K is cordless and refillable with a replaceable flint igniter. Temperature range is from 750°F-2200°F (399°C-1204°C) with heat output equivalent from 20w-135w. Ideal for hard-to-reach places yet still able to supply ample heat output and temperature range.

The E200K is also cordless, refillable, and self-igniting. It has a larger Butane reservoir than the E100K to allow for longer use. Temperature range and heat output equivalent are the same as E100K.

Both kits come in sturdy carrying cases with several tip options. Compare these tools to other portables for price and heat output. We feel you won't be dissappointed. Due to shipping restrictions, butane not included.

The butane capacity of the E100K is 1200cc and will operate at full power for 45 minutes. The E200K holds 2000cc and will operate at full power for 90 minutes.

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