Solder Pots

Same Great Quality - now lead free compatible!

To meet customer demands, each Esico-Triton soldering pot is available in lead-free compatible models. Now you can be RoHS compliant and trust in the same high quality and long-lasting products that Esico-Triton has been manufacturing since 1928.

PD series of digitally-controlled Solder Pots.

Keeping with its tradition of product innovation, ETI now offers a new line of digitally controlled precision solder pots. With temperature such a critical factor in quality soldering, this new series of solder pots is designed to provide the industry's highest level of temperature control to ensure unmatched soldering accuracy and reliability.


The PD33 offers a deep crucible, along with an optional removable dross collection cup. This pot is an excellent choice when working on small printed circuit boards.

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Model PD33: Traditional Soldering Pot
Model PD33 - LF: Lead Free Compatible


Perfect to use when soldering small parts, magnet wire, wire leads and more. The PD24 is ideal for handling delicate projects that require high temperature and accuracy.

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Model PD24: Traditional Soldering Pot
Model PD24 - LF: Lead Free Compatible


The PD74 offers a large solder capacity and makes this pot the recommended choice when soldering long leads or for other applications requiring a deep pot.

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Model PD74: Traditional Soldering Pot
Model PD74 - LF: Lead Free Compatible

Production proven solder pots for tinning, stripping, dip soldering, and other applications.

ETI electric solder pots are made in a wide range of models. Whatever the requirements- tinning, stripping, or dip soldering, these solder pots will do the job efficiently. They are designed and engineered for today's continuous production requirements. The cast iron crucibles are designed for operator convenience, comfort, and high volume production. ETI solder pots are available in 120 and 240 volts. Special wattages can be supplied. All solder pots are supplied with a three conductor cordset.

Model 12T, Model 20, Model 36

Lead-Free compatible:

Model 12T-LF, Model 20-LF, Model 36-LF

Model 12, 20, and 36 Pots: Pots you'll want to use for dip soldering of individual wire leads etc.

Model 37T, Model 70T

Lead-Free compatible:

Model 37T-LF, Model 70T-LF

Model 37 and 70 Pots: Used in dip soldering and tinning of larger parts or when more heat may be a requirement.

Model 75T, Model 80T

Lead-Free compatible:

Model 75T-LF, Model 80T-LF

Model 75 and 80 Pots: Solder pots used extensively for short run soldering and desoldering of through hole printed circuit boards.

Model 71T, Model 71T-LF

Model 71T Pot: Our large solder capacity, deep well pot for long parts. Equipped with thermostat temperature control and a dross sand tray.

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Solder Pot Assembly Instructions

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