Triton PTH

Triton PTH Light-Duty Soldering Tool

The PTH stands for "Press To Heat" and means just that. This lightweight hand-held electrical resistance soldering tool uses its pliers' action to supply instant heat, making jobs easier, quicker, and cleaner than the traditional irons. When heating on High, the tool will draw up to 30 amps at no load resistance. The engineered carbon electrodes are standard, but alternative wire electrode tips are available to reach those tight places.

Tool Dimension: Length: 7 1/4" Height: 2" Width: 1" Weight: 4 oz. 4' power cord

Power Supply: Primary: 115V 2A (230V available) 25% duty cycle; Secondary: 6 4V 17A 102VA 3 2V center trap

Shipping Weight: Complete 6 lbs.

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